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Subsurface Imaging & Geophysical Survey

Ground Penetrating Radar is Here

At Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC we use a variety of sensing instruments to produce a Geophysical Survey for our clients. Using Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), Atlantic Subsurface Imaging can quickly determine the condition of your aging bridge deck to help you plan for future rehabilitation. In addition, Bridge Deck Analysis can also be used to verify new construction. A detailed report with graphical and empirical data detailing the problem areas of your deck will take the guesswork out of planning your rehabilitation strategy. Best of all, GPR is fast, safe, accurate and non-destructive.

Bridge Deck Analysis
Bridge Deck Analysis -
Get a complete picture of the condition of your bridge deck.

Concrete Scanning
Concrete Scanning -
Locate rebar and conduit in concrete, block, and granite prior to cutting or drilling.

Utility Location
Utility Location and Mapping-
Location and mapping of underground utilities prior to trenching or excavating.

Golf Course Scanning
Golf Course Irrigation and Drainage Mapping -
Get an accurate picture of your course's drainage and irrigation system prior to remodeling or repair.

Planning prior to excavation can reduce costs and delays as well as avoid the hazards of buried infrastructure. Utilizing GPR technology, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging can provide a Geophysical Survey of a site prior to excavation or beginning new utility installation. This technique of Subsurface Imaging will locate buried utilities or other underground obstacles, such as bedrock, debris or old foundations. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging specializes in finding both metallic and non-metallic utilities including PVC, plastic, and concrete pipes as well as conduits that cannot be detected by any other means. GPR can not only detect a variety of materials, but also identify multiple closely-spaced utilities.

Depending on your requirements, our Subsurface Imaging data can be presented to you either by simply marking key points of the underground lines with survey flags, or by providing a comprehensive CAD drawing showing the location and depth of the underground lines in relation to surface features.

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC has been a leader in serving the DE, New York, NJ, and Philadelphia area for more than ten years. We commit to satisfying our customers with prompt, quality, and safe service.

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