Atlantic Subsurface Imaging offers three main types of GPR services. These are: Concrete Scanning, Utility Location, and Bridge Deck Analysis. Concrete Scanning is used to find obstacles buried inside concrete structures. Utility Location is used to locate obstacles and utilities buried underground or under man-made structures such as slabs, roads, runways, and buildings. Bridge Deck Analysis is used to determine the condition of aging bridge decks for repair work as well as to verify new construction.

Our unique, long term partnering relationship with Construction Solutions, LLC is your assurance that you will receive the quality engineering services required to meet the demands of your specific job. Through their training, knowledge, and extensive experience, our professional, licensed engineers will work with you to evaluate your job and to design the right approach to bring it in on time, safely and to your full satisfaction. For more information, please choose a service from the menu to the left.
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